What is Bid for Funds?

Bid for Funds is an exciting way for nonprofits to raise the funds they need to do good things in their community and beyond. Bid for Funds is designed to be beneficial to the nonprofit, the partnering businesses and the members. By providing unprecedented exposure for donating businesses and a safe and worry free fundraising method, as well as a fun engaging experience for the consumer, we do just that.

What Nonprofits are on Bid for Funds?

Bid for Funds offers a platform for many different nonprofit organizations. Many community help organizations, as well as schools, churches, and health related nonprofits find Bid for Funds to be a great service. All Nonprofits must be a 501c3 organization, and non political in nature.

Can I add my Nonprofit to Bid for Funds?

You can submit your Nonprofit by clicking this link.Join Your application will be reviewed and if approved, you will be contacted by one of our Auction Managers to help you get started.

How long do Auctions Run?

Standard Auctions run for 2 weeks. Some special auctions may have an extended run time. This is determined by the Bid for Funds staff.

How do I bid?

Great Question! You will need to register as a member of Bid for Funds. It is free to sign up. Follow this link to sign up. You will then find an item you want to bid on, click on Bid! Enter your bid amount. You will want to keep an eye on it. Some sneaky person may try to outbid you! When the auction is over, if you won, you can do a happy dance!

What happens if I win an auction?

You will receive an email telling you that you won! Congratulations, you got a great item and help your community! Follow the instructions in the email. You will be directed back to Bid for Funds, where you will log in and pay for your item.

How do I get the item I won?

After you pay for your item, you will be able to print off a certificate made just for that auction. Print it off and follow the redeem instructions. Congratulations!

How are Credit Cards PROCESSED?

We use Authorize Systems for our Credit Card Processing. They are the most trusted Credit Card Processing company in the world. Your security is our number one concern. All information you provide is protected by Heartlands state of the art security software.

How can I donate an item?

If you own or manage a business and would like to donate and item, please follow this link, If you have any other item that you would like to donate, please contact your favorite Nonprofit and ask them how they would like the item donated. We do not except items directly from individuals.

How do I add my business to your Business Partner Page?

Follow this link. Join you will be able to sign up as a business partner. You will only be listed on the Business Partner Page when you have an active donation. So keep donating and keep your listing. The more items you donate, the higher you will be listed on our Business Partner Page.

Can my business donate a one time item?

Yes, you can donate an item one time to any of our participating nonprofits. Sign up as a business partner here. Then sign in. You will be able to donate to your favorite Nonprofit.

Can my business donate for an extended period of time?

Yes as long as the Nonprofit you want to support is holding an auction, you can donate. Many businesses donate on a monthly basis.

Can my business donate to more than one Nonprofit?

Yes, you can donate to any of our nonprofits. Some nonprofits may limit the type of items or services that they want in their auction. If a Nonprofit declines an item, it will not be offered for auction.