Taylor's Warriors

Taylor's Warriors

  • Address : Minnesota
  • Phone : 612-205-8838
  • URL : https://taylorswarriors.blogspot.com/
  • I started Taylor's Warriors when my daughter Taylor was diagnosed with a Craniopharyngioma brain tumor at the age of 6 and again at age 7.
    Did you know that approximately 1 in every 285 children is diagnosed with the big C (Cancer)? New data shows that a new child is diagnosed every two minutes...let that sink in for a moment... EVERY TWO MINUTES.

    Imagine that your child is that 1.

    Imagine that you have to have a household with only one income.

    Imagine having to choose between your child and your job.

    Imagine you and your spouse can't handle it and divorce because of the stress.

    Imagine you are now bankrupt because treatments aren't always covered by insurance.

    These things and so much more are things that families that have children with cancer face.

    Taylor's Warriors has been raising money for PinkySwear since 2011. As a team, we have raised over $10,000. That is something to be proud of! Would your child or a child you know like to get involved? We are always looking for more Warriors!!

    Our mission with Taylor's Warriors is to help ease some of those burdens. We are here to help raise money in conjunction with The Pinky Swear Foundation.

    Feel free to contact us for more information at: