Operation Dignity International

Operation Dignity International

  • Address : 4833 5th Street NE Minneapolis MN 55421
  • Phone : 763-432-0543
  • URL : http://www.operationdignityinternational.org/home.html
  • Our mission is to develop and equip cultural leaders who will become change agents in their own community. Our passion is to provide a respectful partnership and shared vision with Ghanaians that fosters cooperation, communication, and a commitment to individual and community development.

    Operation Dignity International's (ODI) goal is to close the information gap and foster positive change by providing tools and resources for enterprise development, health and human services, technology, and virtue-based leadership. These elements will drive community development and serve as the vehicles for reducing systemic poverty, increasing employment opportunities, improving health care, and ultimately, enabling Ghanaians to become self-sufficient.

    ODI is answering Ghana's call for a new approach to international aid with a commitment to socio-economic development that empowers Ghanaians to support themselves through education, improved healthcare, and entrepreneurism.

    We are incorporating a model of social responsibility, and ethical theory into our work.

    "We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men." Herman Melville
    Ghana, West Africa is a current-day example of a young, growing, yet vulnerable democracy. It struggles to develop its resources, expand their economy, and provide a greater standard of living for its people, while honoring its culture, traditions, and history, all in the midst of a quickly changing and dynamic society.

    To learn more about Operation Dignity International, visit: http://www.operationdignityinternational.org/home.html