Jett Youth Football

Jett Youth Football

  • Address : 3470 Washington Dr Ste 103 Eagan, MN 5512
  • Phone : 651-410-4203
  • URL :
  • We are a non-profit that is completely community based and orientated. We know that not every family has the means or tools to help their child recognize their importance and potential impact they could make in the world.

    Our goal is to create the next generation of leaders that will go out in the world, chase their dreams, succeed and come back to the community to help the next generation of leaders.

    We hope that the kids who join our program now, will stay involved through high school. By partnering with local businesses and organizations, we will be laying the ground work to help create scholarship funds that will enable your child to pursue their passions without the financial strain that college expenses can put on a family budget.

    We are a unique community football organization because we have designed our program not only around the needs of our children, but also the parents as well. Parents will have access to councilors, tutors and advisers who will give presentations regarding a variety of topics such as college planning, parenting tips, financial stability and much more.

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