Caring Hearts In Action, Minnesota

Caring Hearts In Action, Minnesota

  • Address : 403 3rd St, Farmington, Minnesota 55024, United States
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  • Our Mission
    Caring Hearts in Action, MN strives to pay it forward, because "Everyone deserves kindness and the basic essentials in life." We re-home clothing and household items from private donations. We have a small pantry that clients also have access to.

    This group started with Mary Canada handing an orange out the window to a homeless man. When she saw how much it meant to him, she thought "what else can I do?" She then started making homeless care bags stocked with treats, water, hats, mittens coats, toiletries.
    Also, hot coffee and food when possible.

    This expanded to Facebook, where we connect people together to help each other and collect free items to be re-homed to people in need.

    We formed a board of directors and became a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in March 2018. Female formed and led, we are committed to make a difference by loving our neighbors, one person at a time.

    The specific purpose of The Caring Hearts Corporation is charitable: Combating community deterioration, as well as relieving the poor, distressed, and underprivileged, by: 1.) providing assistance to overburdened families and individuals, so all persons: a.) can become self-sufficient, b.) build positive self-esteem, and c.) facilitate long-term outcomes toward health and wellness; 2.) organizing a structured volunteering program to increase public philanthropy; and 3.) increasing public awareness of community needs.